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Adam Architecture.   Yiangou Architects.   Ross Sharpe Architects.   Alex Oliver Associates,    Stanhope gate architects.   Craig Hamilton Architects.   Arne Maynard Garden Design.   Fairfax Homes. Sherbourne developments.   Chapters Property.   The Dean and Chapter of St Pauls Cathedral.   Bury St Edmunds Cathedral.   Knight Frank.    Red tree LLP.    The Princes foundation for the built environment.   The Royal Navy.   Demitri Porphirios Architectcs.    Cadogen Estates.   Stiff Trevilion Architectcs.   Planet Landscape design.   Kim Wilke Landscape Design.    Lochoilart Developments. Nicholas Pearson Landscape.    Rolls Royce Heritage trust.    Patel Taylor Architects.   University of Portsmouth.    HD marketing.    Bloor Homes.    Kerry Doyland Interiors.    Oliver Laws Interiors.      


“I remember so well when you were at my old Institute how incredibly impressed I was by draughtsmanship. Your beautifully presented illustrations of proposed new developments make such a difference to the client in terms of seeing what he/she is going to end up with.”

HRH the Prince of Wales

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